wishbone bike 3in1 - space

the ultimate pre-bike... walk, ride, & balance

‘Wishbone bikes are the industry standard’ - Huffington Post

“This is a quality bike that is made to last. I got the seat cover as well and it makes the bike just perfect! We just went camping and I'll tell you that bike went everywhere and over everything. So thank you for the best bike I have seen anywhere! We get tons of questions about it, it is a great conversation starter when were out and about.” Jessica from Oregon, USA

“Henri, 15 months received the Wishbone bike for his 1st birthday and it is the only gift that has kept on giving.” Monica from Brooklyn, NY, USA

“it's so unique that everyone is staring at it whispering 'oh what a cool bike'. great job!” Susann from Germany

“Our son cannot deal with a bike with 2 wheels because of his balance, but he is the king on his Wishbone bike! Really great, he is so proud (and we are, too). For children who are not so balanced or who are not so quick with their balance etc, this is really great.” Sandra from Borculo, The Netherlands

“I love the fact that the bike can grow with him and it will not become land fill.” Julian from Melbourne, Australia

“Archie our 4.5 year old recently moved to a BIG 20 inch mountain bike and mastered it so swiftly - we were amazed but are certain it is due to the use of his Wishbone balance bike. Just bought a second one for our two and half year old twins and they are both loving it. After much use Archie's original is still going strong.” Susan and Mike from Auckland, New Zealand

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Announcing our brand new Space Limited Edition design. This is THE gift for a baby's first birthday. Available for a limited time.

Human exploration into Outer Space has inspired our imaginations for centuries. Since 1961, space travel has become a reality, fueled by a spirit of optimism and cooperation.

That same enthusiasm for achieving the imaginable can help us solve the challenges of this century - climate change, population growth, wealth disparity. We believe creativity and collaboration can solve any problem, no matter its size.

Our Space theme Wishbone Bike inspires you & your little one to believe in your dreams. Trust your innovative power. Imagine a brilliant future.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Einstein, 1921